Thursday, March 7, 2013

31 weeks

It has been so long since I wrote the last post. We are almost 31 weeks of pregnancy and our babies are about to born anytime now. In the last 2 months we expend the time getting the new house ready for this big change we can anticipate.
We painted all the interiors, replace and got some new furniture, set the Triplets nursery. Change our family/living room into a play room. Paint new art and decorate walls. And most important I renovated my office space which give me great pleasure and peace.
We choose a nice fresh green color and white 

We bought all the furniture and accessories from Ikea,
the curtain was the theme and inspiration to paint the walls

Detail of my wall painting 

Except for a few painting to hangs and some stuff to organize and clean we are ready!!!

Our surrogate has been in bed rest for several weeks now, she is doing great but she needed to stop working and stay calm in order to avoid complications on her own health. Baby are been monitored every week, they are healthy and growing well. They are very even in weight which is a good thing for multiple and we are expecting to have them at 34 or 35 weeks.

Lorenzo has officially started to walk and his personality is reshaping again. He is a little anxie about me and want to be hold and around me all the time. Quiet honest feels so good to be so important to somebody but after several hours of codependency my ego get diminished by a feeling of "trapped-ness"

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