Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting the Job done

It has been 73 days since my life have changed for ever. I am so tired and sleep deprived that I can only remember what happened between April and June because I keep posting every single thing i do in Facebook, which by the way, since Lorenzo was born, I declared my scrapbook.

I look at my scrap book and I can see how fast our triplets has grown, how much fatter and older I got and how smoothly my house become more chaotic and unexpectedly warm.

My job is to mainly take care of the triplets during the day and late night and to work from home for Graff3D, managing new projects and creating job proposals. Thank God my bosses are super flexible and I can do this in the remaining time.

My job description as a triplet caregiver is as follow:
I feed, I burp, I change and I put them back to sleep.

Same damn thing every 3-4 hours in the same order, from Monday to Sunday. I expend most of my time in franela short, bare feet and stretched Tshirts. If I go out I add a pair of Yoga-mat flip flops to my uniform. Thank God we live in Florida and short fits in all dressing code. 

Even if my job is always the same with my newborn, the joy and emotions are always growing making my life so full and dynamic. 

This InfoGraphic can describe better than words of what my life has become


  1. Thank you for sharing and keep posting - although I have no idea how you find the time! ;) Congrats on all the joy!

  2. Oh Jim, we always have time for things that matter to us. I follow your blog and is an honor you read mine. I guess you can read Spanglish very well ha? :-)

  3. Great post and great site Juan . . . you've got a big job! One thing to consider-- are you really a Mommy Man? You are a parent, your are a dad, but as someone posted on our site recently, you are not a "hairier version of mom."

  4. Thank you Matt for your comment. I am not a hairier version of a mom, I am a Dad, and most of all I am a parent. I thought it was funny the definition used by another writer but is not intended to confuse who I am. I am fairly new in this world of parenthood and non traditional family, so I am sure I will bump with many things I need to learn and move on. Thank you for suggesting the clarification. :)

  5. I really like your blog. You're full of heart, humor, and honesty. I can't imagine how difficult four kids under the age of two can be to handle, and I so admire you. I know that a nontraditional family can make it hard to feel like you have a support system. You're amazing, and don't forget it

    1. Thank you Trish, your words are so generous! People like you are part of my network, the one that can see good in me. I, in return try to see the good in everybody and everything and as a consequence it help me to work for this world to be a better place.