Thursday, October 18, 2012

A day to remember

Wow what a day is about to end, in just 14 minutes this wonderful day will become a new one. That is the miracle of life. Everyday bring new hopes, new changes we need to face and challenges to commit to. Some days can be more forgettable than others, but I feel if I don't write about this day in particular, I can loose the memories like many others. It all started with my son Lorenzo searching in my pocket at 6 in the morning, still dark and trying to subtract my pen. I felt to sleep night before next to him, exhausted and I didn't even change my clothes, that is why I was dressing a shirt with a pen in my pocket. Lorenzo which is only 9 months and 23 days old is very curios and like to touch and test about everything, specially new objects. After that interesting wake up, the day turn into the daily routine, prepare the bottle, feed him (he already can hold his own bottle) get the coffee ready, well I need to clarify that this was an exception since is Patrick who does this task most of the weekdays.

We wait for Ismenia, own Peruvian nanny playing in the leaving room and having coffee. My work days start in the home office, turn my dual monitors and jump into my Facebook and twitter feeds, I usually waste some 20 minutes of pleasure learning about my friends life and then I check my emails, delete all the junk I receive daily and start working. I love my job, I do work for a couple of small company doing marketing and graphic design and some sales. I have the privilege and freedom to work from home and even if the money is not good I wouldn't trade it know that I am a dad and I want to be present for my son and future children. I heard in the background Patrick and Ismenia trying to communicate, Ismenia barely speak a few words in English and Patrick speaks an Spanish that he made up by adding a vocal O to any English word, such Oven-o for Oven (in spanish is Horno) The both manage to communicate anyways, provably using signals or the iPad app from Google translate, they both are pretty much trying to work on Lorenzo that at this age is very demanding and starting to show a very strong character and a very defined taste for things.

I just love my Wednesdays mornings, its good to have them around, knowing we are all working on this family but I still can fix LinkedIn profile and make friends with a few CEO of some important Architectural Companies, its feel like the coalition of both words work and family in a short time.

 Today , or better, Yesterday since is 12:05 AM now, we had our first appointment with our OB, our surrogate wanted to have her old OB at board and deliver in the same hospital she delivered her own children but she was turned down because they didn't take "high risk" nor "multiple" cases, which at a first make us nervous to know, no all OB clinics or hospital can handle our pregnancy. You never think of those details when it comes to multiple, all you think is how I am going to dress them, and the multiple stroller you are going to need. We learn from various sources that the right place bases on their experience and location was All Children Hospital in St. Pete.

 We left an hour earlier to be in time and have a quiet travel, in the way there we received a short text message from our Real estate agent saying, your home is sold. We got this. Yes, after only 13 days in the market we got an offer which we counter and it was accepted. In this time and this economy that is not very common. I celebrate and Patrick express some discontent for loosing his house, I have to say that Patrick tend to get more attached to stuff than me and even when he want to move to a better and bigger home he still want his cute home in historic district Palma Ceia. I love this neighborhood but also know our reality has changed since we learn we are having triplets and because old houses like our don't have storage space and because my partner special love for stuff. We are already cramped with baby stuff and lots of impulsive shopping in Home Goods.

 We arrived at the Perinatology Center at the exact same time that our surrogate. She was getting our of her car when we pull in the parking garage. We cheat chat for a second and we walked in the clinic like a big, unusual family. Quickly the took us inside and while we wait in a small room our surrogate inform the nurse outside that we were the intended fathers and that she was our surrogate. The when the nurse come back she had a better idea why 2 men and a baby come with this pregnant woman for a first doctor visit. After a few questions and formal introductions we were conducted to a bigger room with a Sonogram and an extra screen on the wall for us to see. After the first pass we can already see our babies, they are so clear, we already know them from weekly ultrasounds we had before, but this time is different, they look more sharp, more human, more animated. Quickly we can see their profile, the move so quick like fish movement. Like little mermaids, they are so close of each other but still they have some room in the placentas, 2 of the babies are identical twins as the result of one embryo split. The third one has his own placenta and his own genetic. The screen at moments is filled with little arms and legs and holes which are sacks.

The technician allow us to take pictures but not video she said, and I am holding my new iphone and can't resist to slide my finger and put it in video move and pretend I am taking still images. There is a great difference when you see an ultrasound with movement, your eyes and mind can complete what is missing and you can see shapes and forms better. I wanted to capture this so bad that i didn't follow the rule. I capture a dozen of great short videos showing our triplets dancing in the belly that was so generously lent to us.

After talking to the doctor, even when she observed one of the twins to have a thicker neck which could indicate a remote possibility of down syndrome. Which I think its too early to get alarm or even worry about. The hole scenario of doctors and nurses talking about triplets like they deliver them everyday give me great peace of mind.

 God is great, God is good that is my general feeling. I feel so grateful for today and how quickly things goes so well and in the direction we were hoping to go.

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