Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Curry Chicken Salad for Toddlers?

After the celebration of our triplets first year birthday and few days of vacation (working on the trip blog now) We are back in our home and to our normal life.  This morning Patrick asked me to make a video blog of one of our favorite dishes, Curry Chicken Salad which we are going to feed our toddlers and see if they like it.

For the birthday party we prepared this salad and it had such success, many of our invitee asked for the recipe after they tried, so why not to share with all our friends and fans in Facebook?

The salad is very simple to do and it don't take more than 20 min to prepare.

Please notice we shoot this video with an iPhone and we don't have professional experience editing or videotaping. Go ahead, laugh and enjoy the recipe, just don't be mean with your comments :)


Chicken: 2 full boneless, skinless breast (boiled for 20 minutes)
Celery: 2 cups (chopped)
Golden Raising: 1 cup
Pecans: 1 cup (chopped)

Mayonnaise: 3/4-1cup
Curry Powder: 3-6 TS (up to you how much intense you like your flavor)
Honey: 4 TS
Salt: 1 TSP
Black pepper: 1/2 TSP
Apple Vinegar: 2-3 TS

I hope you enjoy this recipe and please share with us if you ever try it. Dont forget to follow us in our FaceBook page

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