Thursday, August 1, 2013

Facebook Posts

Facebook has officially become my social outlet, as miserable and as pathetic this may sound, its a reality for me. I can't go to places anymore like I did before and see my friends without planning and packing for 4 hours. If I get a babysitter I am really tired by 7PM anyway and I have been feedings all night long. So Facebook is my outlet to the world and I use it anytime I feel bored, I feel happy, I feel desperate or scared. I have an small group of followers that will respond and like my post within minutes and that is instant gratification for my confused mundane soul. 

Here I compiled my most "liked" posts for your enjoyment. 

Last feeding before going to bed. Then again, wake up at 3am, change, feed, burp and go back to sleep. My daily routine. Thanks to all my FB friend for all the support and good vibe, it feels I am doing this with a crowd and it feels alot better not to be alone.

June 10 -
If you have a toddler...
Rule #1 Always flash your toilet twice to decrease the amount of bacteria you toddle will ingest when he take a sip from it. 

Rule#2 Flash twice and remove any dog toys around the toilet and adjacent areas so you toddler don't use them to dip in and suck on it. They can be very resourceful.

June 5- 
I just told Patrick: "let me change my diaper and then i'll go to grocery store..." I need to sleeeep!

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